Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS) has been doing paranormal investigating for over 40 years. While paranormal investigating is our core function  historic preservation and restoration are on the top of the list.  Our fundraising program, operated as AZ Ghost Tours, helps historical locations raise money for their upkeep and preservation.

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society carries a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy.


Ghost Tours: Another fundraiser AZPIRS provides though our company AZ Ghost Tours.  We provide a short presentation of the history of the location along with evidence we have captured. Then go on an actual investigation with experienced paranormal investigators utilizing the latest equipment.  LEARN MORE

Historic Preservation Fundraising Programs: Consists of combining paranormal workshops, lectures and or ghost hunts – paranormal investigation for events at libraries, restaurants, hotels and other historic landmarks. Each program is custom tailored to each location and proceeds benefit the location.

Paranormal Workshops & Investigations: Designed to educate the general public our workshops discuss basic paranormal investigation procedures. Our public investigation events provide hands on access to all the equipment used by paranormal investigators worldwide and led by our experienced investigators.




Paranormal Investigations: Professional team with years of experience. Our investigations are completely confidential and 100% free.  We carry  $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy.

AZPIRS explores the various locations that is said to be haunted. We use the latest technology in our quest to communicate with the souls still connected to these locations.

AZPIRS takes information collected such as video, audio and still photography and analyzes all that data to form a conclusion. We use this information to either debunk or validate the experience. Many times on an investigation there are personal experiences and the evidence collected sometimes can confirm that experience but it rarely does.

Unfortunately many a time instead of answers we are left with more questions which fuels our desire. Each investigation gives us an opportunity to learn more.



Online Paranormal Equipment Store: Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society started Ghost Hunters Outlet which carries paranormal investigation gear from prominent manufacturers in our industry. AZPIRS gets to field test the latest equipment on the market to evaluate. Every item we sell our teams use in the field.  

Researching Methods & Applications: AZPIRS runs various experiments on paranormal investigation equipment to better understand what each piece of gear reacts to and why. We challenge current investigation procedures to possibly come up with better technics. Exploring new methods and equipment to take paranormal investigating to the next level.