Acadia Ranch Museum

The Acadia Ranch Museum in Oracle AZ


Paranormal Investigation Saturday March 20, 2021

This investigation is a 3-hour lock-down paranormal investigation with seasoned paranormal investigators. You will use the latest equipment used by professional paranormal investigators worldwide.

Spend the night roaming the building and try to communicate with spirits who have not yet left. This chilling lock down will reveal mystery that lingers in every inch and around every corner. Doors slamming, people being pushed and shoved, shadow figures, disembodied voices, footsteps, eerie laughter and full-bodied apparitions. You do not want to miss the opportunity to investigate.

Take part, if you dare, in these paranormal experiments at Acadia Ranch

Isolated Spirit Box session – Utilize a variation of the Estes Method Spirit Box Session
Sensory Deprivation Experiment –Wearing a blindfold and noise cancelling headphones sit alone in  the ice room.

We believe that emotions such as fear acts as an energy that increases the paranormal activity.


Ghost Hunt  Paranormal Investigation 
7:00 to 10:00 pm  Please arrive 15 minutes early
PRICE $35 per person.  Event limited to ten participants
(16 years & older.  Under 18 yrs must be accompanied by an adult)

CANCELLATION POLICY: 24 Hours prior to tour date

Proceeds from this event will go to the Acadia Ranch Museum for restoration and upkeep.

Haunted History 
In 1882 Edwin S. and Lillian Dodge opened up the Acadia Ranch. More sanatorium than cattle farm, the ranch was the headquarters for people coming to the desert in hopes the arid atmosphere would cure diseases like tuberculosis.   It was then purchased by Annie Neal, the wife of the proprietor of the Mountain view Hotel. in the building.

The Acadia Ranch Museum is allegedly haunted by the spirit of a nurse who had apparently contracted TB from working with the sick people. They say her spirit walks the halls tending to her patients.

Other claims are the interior doors would be slammed shut and doors open on their own. Knocks and bangs that come from nowhere are heard.  Others heard voices and one instance was a claim of the head and shoulders of a person walk into the hospital room. During the restoration workers heard coughing and dubbed it a ghost named George who may have been a TB patient.

The tour guides will have camera system set up to view various locations in the museum. If needed tour guests will be provided EM detectors and other equipment for free to utilize to try and catch evidence of the ranch’s spirits.  A valid driver’s license and credit card is required to be provided equipment. You can bring your own equipment if available

The Acadia Ranch Museum Address: 825 E Mt Lemmon Hwy, Oracle, AZ 85623

PLEASE NOTE:  This tour and investigation is for entertainment purposes only.  The information provided is accurate as provided by local historians.  There is no guarantee there will be paranormal activity