1908 Brothel

 1908 Brothel Globe AZ

3 Hour Paranormal Investigation


Be one of the first to investigate this location.  We have investigated there in November of 2020 and there is intense paranormal activity.  

Date: Saturday April 10, 2021

Ghost Hunt  Paranormal Investigation 
7:00 to 10:00 pm

PRICE $40 per personEvent limited to EIGHT participants 
(16 years & older.  Under 18 yrs must be accompanied by an adult)

This is a 3-hour lock-down paranormal investigation with seasoned paranormal investigators on hand. You will use the latest equipment used by professional paranormal investigators worldwide.  Spend the night roaming the building and try to communicate with spirits who have not yet left.

Participate in paranormal experiments 
Spirit Box session –  Utilize a variation of the Estes Method Spirit Box Session

Sensory Deprivation Experiment –  Wearing a blindfold and noise cancelling headphones sit alone. We believe that emotions such as fear acts as an energy that increases the paranormal activity.

This location had been a hotel, a boarding house and a brothel.  Multiple spirits including that of a child (or maybe something else)!  You do not want to miss the opportunity to investigate. 

Proceeds benefit the location for restoration and upkeep


All participants receive a discount coupon for Ghost Hunters outlet.

This location is filled with paranormal activity.  Spirit box responses, EVPs and interaction with our equipment.  Multiple spirits have been encountered by our teams

This location is on the 2nd floor.  Try and catch evidence of the spirits located in this historic building.

The tour guides will have camera system set up to view various locations in the jail. If needed tour guests will be provided EM detectors and other equipment for free to use.  A valid driver’s license and credit card is required to be provided equipment. You can bring your own equipment if available

1908 Brothel is located at 610 N. Broad St. Globe, AZ 85501

US60 West to Globe
US60 West turns to West Ash Street
Turn left onto Broad St (historic downtown)
Brothel is on corner of N Broad and Hackney Ave

Location is NOT is wheelchair and handicap accessible.

PLEASE NOTE:  This tour and investigation is for entertainment purposes only.  The information provided is accurate as provided by local historians. 

There is no guarantee there will be paranormal activity




























Ghost Hunt  Paranormal Investigation 
7:00 to 10:00 pm

PRICE $40 per personEvent limited to ten participants