In that quest for answers we have designed and built equipment or took existing equipment that is used in other fields and applied them. These are some areas that AZPIRS is researching and some theories.

EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon is recording of voices or sounds that the human ear didn’t detect. When someone speaks, they drive air through their vocal cords, which causes them to vibrate. These vibrations generate the compressional waves that are detected by your ears as sound. Do spirits have vocal cords?

A digital recorder takes that air wave and samples it thousands of times each second to determine a digital equivalent. The digital value of each of these samples are stored, one by one, in the recorder’s memory.

When you play an acoustic guitar the strings vibrate and the air waves are captured in the body of the guitar. With an electric guitar the strings vibrate and the magnetic pickup, which is an electromagnet, turns motion into electrical energy. The vibrating steel strings produce a corresponding vibration in the magnet’s magnetic field and therefore a vibrating current in the coil.

The flash memory in digital recorders is electromagnetic in nature. Can spirits do the same thing and manipulate the magnet’s magnetic field? Is that why we didn’t hear it live? AZPIRS currently is experimenting with electric guitars in some of our EVP sessions.