First are there “ghosts”?  The million dollar question that paranormal  investigators search for that answer every day.  There are many thoughts along those lines and here are some interesting ideas.

Some believe yes that there are spirits attached to items, places or people.   People report seeing shadows, dark mass and apparitions.  They hear disembodied voices.  Paranormal anomalies are thought to exist in the form of energy.  They are said to use energy in the environment and from other sources to manifest.  Are we visited by the other side?

Another major belief  is multi dimensions. Right where you are standing there can be hundreds of other worlds existing. They could be worlds from the past, present or future.  The universe we live in may not be the only one out there. In fact, our universe could be just one of an infinite number of universes making up a “multiverse.”  The possibility of some phenomena causes a brief overlap. Disembodied voices or those movements we see out of the corner of our eye and feelings of being watch or even touched stem from the possibility of somewhere else occupying the same space.

What about our own minds?   It is said we use a minimal amount of what are brains are capable of.  Some people demonstrate special abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy  and mediumship to name a few.  Do they have switches in their brain turned on where ours are in the off position?  Does switches in our brains briefly turn on allowing us to see, hear or sense something we normally don’t experience?

Levels of consciousness can refer to spiritual recognition, psychological understanding or even medically altered states.   Many ancient civilizations and some Native American Indians  seeked guidance or searched for answers in what was termed a dreamquest.  Taking hallucinogens which brought them to an altered level of consciousness to speak with those who have passed.  Belief that in the afterlife you gain all the wisdom of the universe.

Other theories is time travel.  Beings from the future returning and observing us.  Or aliens from another world among us.  While all of that is intriguing it comes down to one thing.  There is something there.