What Is It

Welcome to our Customer Rewards Program.  We realize you have other options to purchase your paranormal gear and we appreciate your business.  And to thank you for that loyalty you will be able to receive free gear or discount coupons, the choice is yours

When you register  you’ll automatically received 50 points.  Every time you shop with us you will earn 1 (one ) point for every dollar you spend. Once your order is processed and ships the points for that order will be added to your account.
TIP: Have your entire team or group order through your account and you’ll be getting free gear in no time! 

PLUS  YOU GET  A 5% OFF COUPON TO USE FOR YOUR NEXT ORDER!  When we receive your order we will mail you the tracking number and a discount code exclusive to you.  AZPIRS wants you to be our customer and make us your number one choice for paranormal investigation gear.


Once you register  you’ll see in the upper right hand corner of your screen “Howdy,” and your username for our site.  If you put your cursor over that area a small pop up window will appear showing you  your point balance.  Points can be redeemed for free gear and discounts.  Plus there are no shipping charges when you redeem your rewards, it’s on us.

You are automatically put on our mailing list  for special promotions for products.  We have monthly specials on a specific product and offer substantial savings.  Many manufacturers of paranormal equipment send AZPIRS new products to evaluate and we will have pre-sales for those products.  Plus every now and then we send out discount coupons for you to save even more.  Plus free equipment giveaways.

Below are the current items available to redeem for points.  If you are ready to redeem some points CLICK HERE  for our Customer Rewards order form.  Thanks again for your patronage.  Safe investigating!



Table-Top-mini tripod

15 LED-UV-Laser Flashlight

   5% Off Order
500 Rewards Points
   10% Off Order
1000 Rewards Points
    Mini Table Tripod
200 Rewards Points
    UV- Laser Flashlight
275 Rewards Points
 tripod hand grip  Clamp Stand Tripod  laser grid  k2 base pic
  Tripod Grip
300 Rewards Points
    Tripod Clamp
325 Rewards Points
    5 mw laser
375 Rewards Points
    K ll Meter
1100 Rewards Points
 cat White Noise 3  P-SB7-Reseller  Infrared Illuminator (IR)  Full Spectrum Illuminator FSX
    Digital Dowsing
White Noise Generator

1200 Rewards Points
    P-SB7 Spirit Box
1300 Rewards Points
    IR Illuminator
1400 Rewards Points
    Full Spectrum
1500 Rewards Points
 cat SEM  EVP pak  Mel-8704R  cat TalkerII 2
     Digital Dowsing  SEM
1900 Rewards Points
     Digital Dowsing 
2100 Rewards Points
Mel 8704R
2200 Rewards Points
     Digital Dowsing 
Talker 2
2400 Rewards Points