Paranormal Fundraising Program

AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society has put together a program to help historical locations here in Arizona raise money for their upkeep and preservation.  A  poll on Huffington Post found that 45% of America believe in ghosts.   “Ghost hunting” is at it’s all time high and shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters have millions of viewers each week tuning into the unknown and growing in popularity.

Our program works at any location and is a great fundraiser.   Many restaurants, hotels, museums and other businesses embrace the possibility of paranormal activity and use that to tap into a huge market bringing in revenue.  Restaurants can have a dinner and investigation event while hotels can offer a stay and play paranormal package or for some  just a stand alone event.

AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society will help you organize and run a ghost hunting event at your location for the public. Depending on the size of your location we can easily accommodate up to 50 guests. Some event organizers have charged as much as $100 for tickets alone.

AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society carries a $1.000.000 Liability Insurance

AZPIRS gear 2AZPIRS will conduct a professional paranormal investigation and provide all the gear necessary for your guests.  Our team will instruct your guests on proper use of equipment and go over general investigation practices.  Each of your guests will be completely involved in every aspect of a paranormal investigation. AZPIRS will provide an exceptional experience for everyone attending your event.

grand inside 5 bYour guests will work along with our team setting up and breaking down the gear. During the actual investigation your guests will be broken into teams  and each led by one of our seasoned paranormal investigators.  Teams will take turns to investigate while other teams will monitor equipment and review audio and video footage.  Any evidence found will be set up on our website for all your guest to enjoy and download.

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