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DAS, the makers of the Mel Meter, announced all Mel Meters are available in black as well as the original white.  AZPIRS will be carrying in black the basic MEL 8704R, Mel 8704R-REM and the MEL 8704R-KII in stock.  All other meters will be ordered and drop shipped.

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There are two new products, MEL 8704R-PSA and REM-Pod-EMT with Hot & Cold Spot Detection.  We will be placing an order on 2/18 for our inventory and invite you to some fantastic savings and free shipping during this pre-sale on two of the newest items from DAS.



  • Easy to View Bright RED, GREEN, BLUE, Yellow & Purple Indication
  • Audible Tones Correlating To Field Disturbance
  • Glow in The Dark top surface with Back light Allows Easy Visibility in The Dark
  • 5-Step Programmable REM Sensitivity allows Instantaneous Response To Field Fluctuations & Spikes
  • +5 / -5 Degree Hot and Cold Spot Detection
  • Auto and Manual Temperature “Zero” (Baseline)
  • Auto and Manual REM “Zero” (Baseline)
  • 50″ Adjustable Tripod with Carry Bag Included
  • Tripod Mount Included

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nophotoOur Price: $225


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We will be taking pre-orders for the REM-Pod-EMT and Mel-8704R-PSA.  When stock arrives we will contact you and ship.  Please allow up to two weeks 


All the standard features of the Mel Meter 8704R.  The Mel-8704R-PSA is a very sensitive device that uses a microphone as a detection sensor / transducer.It is designed specifically to detect very subtle sound wave vibrations within the environment.In addition, an audio output with adjustable gain is provided which allows the user to hear sounds at an amplified level.

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 Mel-8704R-PSAOur Price: $219


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Inventory Liquidation Sale
The following items are set at special prices and are limited quantities

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Lutron 822-A EMF Meter

Couldn’t be easier to use, just turn it on and get accurate reliable readings. Perfect for situations needing high resolution measurements of AC magnetic fields without spending a lot of money. Large LCD display reads 0.1 -199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 – 400 Hz. Provides readout in both mG and microTesla.

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emfSpecial Price: $62  
only two available
  Phantom Lite Ultraviolet Illuminator (UV)

30 High Powered UV LEDs
Custom designed!
40 ft distance
9v battery powered
Tripod adapter included

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 Ultraviolet Illuminator (UV)

Special Price: $44
only one available

 Digital Dowsing OVILUS M

Small footprint. Fits in a shirt pocket Dictionary with a 2048 word vocabulary Also 4 Modes of Phonetic speech White Noise Generator Touch Mode “Proximity Sensor” plus Built-in Speaker

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 cat Ovilus M1Special Price: $153
only one available
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