Landmark Restaurant

Landmark Restaurant Mesa AZ June 2013 

Report written by Vinnie

Pam and I went with a group of investigators from Paranormal Playground to the Landmark Restaurant in Mesa AZ.

The Landmark Restaurant  was built by the Mormon Church  back in 1908. The church was housed in what is now the main dining room of the Landmark.  In 1939 the church under went some extensive remodeling procedures which updated the building to look much like it does today.

The two buildings south of the restaurant were added later and used for social events. The larger building, Heritage Hall, was built for recreational purposes for the church in the late 1920’s. The smaller building behind the patio was built in the 1930’s for a Boy Scouts meeting room.


  • Voices heard in downstairs rooms
  • Bathroom faucets being turned on and off in ladies room and nicknamed the ghost “Bea”.
  • Older gentleman seen in the Roosevelt room who died from a fall on the steps
  • Sounds in the kitchen of pots moving, banging, low voices speaking
  • Shadowy figure of a little girl that is thought to haunt the basement. The staff reports she leaves hand prints around and they can hear her laugh and giggle
  • Security alarms triggered for no apparent reason

The Paranormal Playground team set up 8 cameras in Heritage Hall on the main level and the basement level.  In the main building there were 6 cameras set up in the various breakout rooms and dining area.  Teams rotated in all areas with one team in the basement of Heritage Hall and 2 teams in the main building, one on each floor.

Our team started in the basement of Heritage Hall and there was no EMF fluctuations.  We did a couple of EVP sessions with no results.  In one of the rooms there was a crawl space that gave a bit of an eerie feeling.  I placed a digital recorder by the crawl space unattended and went to check out some of the other rooms.  After 5 minutes I picked up the recorder.  The following day I found a class C EVP from that crawl space session that sounded like “help me”

When we finished the basement our team headed over to the main building and we started in the lower level.  There was an IR camera set up in the Rooservelt room where there were reports of seeing an older gentleman.  Pam set up her Mel Meter and turned on the REM feature.  Chance, who was one of the investigators on our team, set up a full spectrum camera  and they did an EVP session.  No results either audio or video was captured in this room or anywhere on the lower level.

Pam, Joe and I went upstairs and we investigated in the main dining room.  The baseline reading in that room was a .01.  We each took a third of the room and we did an EMF sweep from one side of the room to the other.  Pam was in the middle and about midway in the dining room she got a spike that went from .01 to 2.8 on her Mel meter.  Joe was using a 822A EMF meter and he confirmed an increase in his reading as he approached Pam’s position.

We did not have cell phones on us.  NOTE: Even when a cell phone is off the phone on incoming calls does send a signal which could give false readings on EMF detectors.  As I approached them Pam said the reading was going down.  I looked at my meter and I was starting to get a high reading. I stopped and watched my meter climb to a 2.4.  The EMF field was moving.

We followed that moving EMF field and we were now at the corner of the room.  We had steady readings for a few minutes.  Pam set up the REM feature on the Mel meter and explained what it was and demonstrated how it works.  She asked whatever was there with us to come close to it.  We had no results with the REM feature and our EMF field vanished shortly after.

Later that evening about 6 investigators gathered around a table in the middle of that same dining room to do a SB7 spirit box session which we recorded as well.  During that session, John from Paranormal Playground, asked what color Pam’s shirt was.  At that time we did not hear anything. During my audio review the following day we did capture the answer to that question on the digital recorder

The last room we investigated was the clock room which was filled with antique clocks.  Sometimes items like that could have energy attached to them.  We checked each one with our Mel meter and we got no hits.

Joe walked over to one of the tables and he had a spike on his EMF meter.  Pam and I joined him and both our meters had high readings.  We decided to do a EVP session and Pam also set up the Mel Meter REM feature for another try..  We did standard EVP questions and we did get what seems to be a response to one of those questions.

The Paranormal Playground event was different as I never investigated with 16 people and for some this was their first investigation.  There was some cross contamination as groups entered and left areas where other investigators were located by and that is to be expected with that size of a group.

 All in all it was fun meeting some new people who share the same interest.  It was interesting to work with different people who have their own style of investigating.  John and Colleen did a great job organizing the event

The Landmark restaurant has a possibility of being haunted.  Someday I’d like to return with my AZPIRS team of investigators and do a another investigation.


play-button2 play-button2 play-button2
​Class C EVP

 EVP “Help me” from Heritage Hall crawl space.  
Recording from SB7 Spirit box session in main dining room

Question asked “What is the color of Pam’s shirt” the recorded response sounds like red which is correct
Class C EVP

n the Clock room one of the qustions asked was “Are You a Female” and we get a faint no response.  There was a car in the backround but there is something
You decide for yourself. 
Head phones usually required  for Class C EVPs