Jerome Grand Hotel

Jerome Grand Hotel Jerome AZ May 2013 

Report written by Vinnie

AZPIRS investigation of the Jerome Grand Hotel in May was a huge success.  Various personal encounters by almost everyone in the group.  Many shadows and movements just from the corner of your eye.  While nobody reported being physically touched many of us felt a heaviness many times in different areas of the hotel.  

With that said friends of ours came up to enjoy Jerome during the day with us and were not there to investigate.  They turned in early as they were leaving at 6 am to get home for a BBQ.  The following morning we got an interesting text telling us during the night she felt like something was on top of her and she couldn’t move.  It lasted for a minute or two.  Sleep paralysis?

Earlier that evening just before dinner some of the team went to their room which was 43.  We were just hanging out and Craig looks at me telling me he saw movement down at the end of the hall.  As I am asking him if he was sure I see something out of the corner of my eye.

I take off down the hall and as I am almost to the end there is a door wide open.  I slowly approach the room and a man and a woman walk out probably wondering why I was lurking in the hall.  It turns out a few seconds ago she walked out of the room and went back inside to get her purse.

I  started to head towards my friends and I heard a bang behind me.  At the end of the hall was a door but it wasn’t a guest room.  As I approached it the hallway turned right and went a few feet and there was another door which looked much older than any others.  I tried the first door and it was locked so I went and checked the older looking door which was locked as well.

Jerome two copy (1)There was a pretty large gap between the old door and the door frame. I bent down and as I looked through that gap  I felt something was on the other side.  I saw movement​ like somebody walked by the door and  was standing on the other side.  I felt a rush of cold air all around me and the hair on my neck stood on end and got goosebumps.    

This is in the same area in the photo with the purple mist.   Many investigators saw shadows and movements in this section of the hallway on the 4th floor as well other times during the night.  

On the 2rd floor down the end of the hall was another door without a room number.  It was unlocked and it was under renovations. It looked like it was going to be a suite as there was a separate room on one side the size of a bedroom.  Dave started doing an EMF sweep and was getting pretty high readings in various areas.  There was tons of electrical wires hanging out of the ceiling and walls and I was sure they weren’t live.

I took out a Greenlee voltage detector and as I thought all was dead.  So what caused the high EMF readings?   It was just above the entrance to the restaurant and the kitchen is on the other side of the hotel so it is nothing high power like a walk in box etc.  It was much cooler here but it is on the end of the building.  

We set up our Mel meter with the REM feature and decided to do an EVP session.  We spent about 15 minutes with no real response.  All of a sudden the REM went off for a second or two and then nothing.   But just after that moment we came out with one EVP right then that we think said “I hate my wife”
We had very solid sessions in rooms 12 and 40.  We employed a question and answer session using mini mag flashlights twisted barely into the off position.  We asked a series of questions with yes or no answers and assigned one flashlight as the “yes”  light and the other flashlight as the “no” light.

Normally we don’t take the flashlight question session as any proof on it’s own but we had a tremendous amount of EMF spikes on the Mel meter during that session.  We had a K2 on in between the two flashlights which also had some interesting activity.  One flashlight seemed to roll a bit  by itself and Pam went to set it back in position and said it felt cold.  We got temp readings from each flashlight and the flashlight that moved was 8 degrees colder than the other flashlight. This is the 4th floor and the hall is air conditioned and not the room and we had the transom window above the door closed.

During that session we had set a Sony nightvision camcorder on a tripod in the corner of the room with an IR illuminator. Both the Illuminator and camcorder had fully charged batteries that were installed just before the session.

Once the session was over we went to review the footage and the battery in the camcorder was dead.  We installed another battery and found that the camera recorded only 1 minute and 19 seconds.  Maybe our friend wanted to communicate but was camera shy.

After the investigation was over we brought the gear to our rooms.  We decided to have a glass of wine together to celebrate a great investigation.  Some of the team wanted a smoke so went to the outdoor terrace area off the kitchen where there are a few tables and chairs.  As Pam started to sit she realized she had a K2 meter in her pocket.    So she turned it on and laid it on the table. It was an extremely still night with a half moon that lit the terrace.

Earlier in the night we met  other investigators who said they were in room 26 and that they had a EVP that answered “marine” when they asked who was in the room.  So we were talking about that and all of a sudden the K2 lit up 3 lights.  Dave asks “Is that  the marine here with us?” and the K2 spikes again.  I take out a digital recorder from my shirt pocket and place that on the table.

Dave smokes those mini cigars and he pushes the empty chair next to him away from the table and says “have a seat and join us”.  Dave then says ” how about a cigar?” and the K2 spikes.  Dave says “well I guess that means yes” and he lights another cigar and places it in the holder of the ashtray.

A few seconds later you see the cherry of the cigar glow bright as if someone was actually taking a drag.  Dave laughs and says “hooah” and Pam corrects him that is Army and Marines say hoohRah and the K2 spiked a few times in a row as if in agreement.  No EVPs  from the terrace but that was a fun way to end our day.
​Class B EVP

Room 37B got a nice EVP “Hello”
Class B EVP

EVP in room 12 sounds like a little girl say “don’t like” after we asked if Claude the maintenance man was here
Class B EVP

from second floor room that was renovated where we hear I hate my wife