Jefferson Park Mesa AZ

Vinnie and Pam teamed up with John from Paranormal Playground and Fred from Phoenix Rising Paranormal Research and Investigations to investigate Jefferson Park Mesa AZ.

Jefferson Park in Mesa is rumored to be haunted. Visitors of the park have witnessed a woman wearing white wandering from tree to tree between 11:15 pm and midnight.   It is believed the spirit belongs to a woman who was raped and murdered in the park.

Jefferson Park was a very noisy area with traffic and people in the park.  As night drew near we had the park mostly to ourselves.  We started out in an area that John had some prior success with a yes and no flashlight session.  Many believe this to be uncredible evidence as the flashlights turn themselves on or off because of expansion and contraction.

While that is true when there is no pattern to flashlights turning on and off randomly I have seen flashlights immediately answer questions and then go back off right on que.  John had a similar experience by the bleachers on a prior visit but not this night.

I always run a digital recorder all night long during an investigation.  I like to capture things at random as it seems I have here.

Even with headphones you can’t make it out but there are whispers in the backround and we all were talking full throat as we were setting up the flashlight session mentioned above,

We moved to an area between the trees where  the woman wearing white was supposedly seen.   We set up a doll and some balls as trigger objects and went a little old school and stung up some bells  We started with an SB7 spirit box session which nothing was produced.  We did a short EVP session and came up with an interesting EVP

Sounds like a women humming in the back round.  During EVP sessions no one talks at all and any movement or noise like a cough is immediately identified.

The lights in the park automatically shut off at 10 and we wanted to try to debunk a picture we found online before the lights went out.  As I mentioned I keep a recorder always running.  We were packing up the gear to move to the playground while John, Pam and I were talking about the REM feature on Pam’s Mel meter.

During our conversation you hear what sounds like a heckel.  Actually we are not sure what the heck it is but it was weird enough to share

girls face mesa croppedTo the left is the picture I found on the internet.  If you look at the top of the slide on the right next to the red circle you see what appears to be a face.

If you go to the left side of the slide there is a ladder to climb to the top.  We all agree someone was on that ladder when the photo was taken capturing their reflection.

We tried to duplicate the photo but 10 pm on the nose those lights went out.  We’ll have to return for another try.