Copper Queen


Billy’s Room  Copper Queen Hotel November 2012

Report written by Vinnie

The AZPIRS investigated the Copper Queen in November 2012 and we stayed in Billy’s Room.  Billy was the little boy who drowned in the San Pedro River and supoosedly came to the Copper Queen to find a relative which was said to be his mother who worked at the hotel.

During our invetigation we had tremendous amount of contact with Billy.  I became very attached to Billy as we had continuous conversation lighting up the K2 meter.  Many times during that session the hair on my arms stood straight up.  You know how you feel when somebody invades your personal space, well it was kinda like that.  Craig checked temperature around the K2 area and some of the time he found it a bit cooler.  Since it was November neither ac or heat was on.

We asked him how old he was when he died and got a class A EVP telling us he was too young. It doesn’t sound like a young child but more of a teenager.  We tried to find out exactly how old he was and after asking if he was 10, if he was 9 he finally confirmed that he was 8 years old with us when we asked if he was 8 by lighting 4 lights on the K2.   He never confirmed he was at the Copper Queen to find his Mom.  But he did confirm that he was here.

During the first night we ran an IR camera and had a table full of trigger objects like toy coins that were very shinny.  Also we had cars, cards and other items but Billy had no interest and we caught nothing. During the night  I got up to use the bathroom .  When I went back to bed after a few minutes  I heard water running in the bathroom.  I went to the bathroom and the sink was running.

 I was up since 3 am that morning, put in 8 hours at my day job, drove all the way to Bisbee and investigated all night went to bed at 3:30 am.   Even though there are reports that people had the faucet turn on I can’t say it is paranormal.  I was so tired I could have easily not completely closed the faucet and the water pressure could have worked the valve open.

Our first night you could sense him and almost feel his playfulness the way he interacted during our question session.  The room felt electric!  The second night we had nothing at all and the room did not feel the same.  All in all the Copper Queen and Billy’s room was a delightful experience and I look forward to a return trip.

There was so many people moving around the halls as it was a holiday weekend  and we felt most of our audio was tainted.  We all wanted to investigate other parts of the Copper Queen  but the crowds made it impossible.  However we did get some stills of the K2 interaction with Billy during our first night.  

The K2 is extremely sensitive to interference from sources but our cell phones were in a different room and there were no walki talkies. Can’t rule out RF interference but it was fairly respondent to questions that were asked.  We did get two pretty good EVPs but they could still be tainted.  Still worth sharing as the nights events were incredible.

play-button2 play-button2

 Class A EVP

Asked Billy how old he was when
he died and you hear “little too young”  We actually heard this with our own ears and immediately played it back for review.

Class C EVP

During the session with Billy I stopped and started to  move the trigger objects
around to place the recorder and K2 in a different position on the bed you hear “Get off that” Use headphone and an imagination