case 0413A

Private Commercial Location  Phoenix  AZ A Case # 0413A

Report written by Vinnie

AZPIRS  was called into an old tavern to investigate the claims of activity witnessed by employees and customers of the bar. The tavern was originally a house that was converted to a bar in the 70s. The team consisting of Vinnie, Dave, Jerry, Pam and Craig arrived at the tavern at 9:00 PM. The bar was not scheduled to close until 10:00 PM, however, it gave the team and the client an opportunity to go over paperwork and take a tour of the location.

The client, who has been an employee since she was 18 years old, and lives in the apartment on the second floor, explained that there have always been stories of ghosts in the bar throughout the years. The following is a list of the claims that were being investigated by AZPIRS:

  1. At one end of the bar, she reports seeing shadows walk past quite often. She also reports the shadows continue into the pool hall located at the same end.

  2. The back storage room gives a creepy feeling when they are in there. 

  3. In the kitchen located behind the bar, the client stated that she herself and the owner have experienced the sound of a door being opened and closed while they are working the bar.

  4. In the second floor apartment the client states that she has seen a shadow of something sitting in the rocking chair located in the living room. She also sees the rocking chair moving when this happens.

At 10:00 PM, the team began setting up the equipment for the investigation. The equipment was set up as follows:

  1. One night vision camera set up in a back room  where people feel uneasy.

  2. One night vision camera overseeing the pool hall, as well as the end of the bar where the shadows are seen.

  3. One night vision camera upstairs on the rocking chair along with a rem pod

Jerry manned the monitor.  Once the equipment was set up, the team set out together into the back room.  Immediately the team noticed there were high EMF readings along a wall that reached almost into the center of the room. There was also a high reading in the back of the room along the wall where the breaker boxes were, which created a “Fear Cage.” The team spent a significant amount of time attempting to have the spirit make a noise and answer questions during the EVP sessions.  We got an answer to one of our question but nothing unusual or any personal experiences occurred.

 While investigators Pam and Craig performed an EVP session in the pool hall  investigators Dave and I attempted to find explanations for the shadows the client claimed to see. It was discovered that surrounding the bar were mirrors. These mirrors would reflect several sources of light when someone would walk by and when a car would ride past since the windows of the pool hall were not covered.

Dave and I investigated the kitchen area to attempt to recreate the sound of the doors opening and closing.  The doors were all very heavy and the one to the back storage room was latched very well.  The door to the outside was locked and dead bolted so it could not be someone entering from the back.  There were no cabinets just open shelving above and below the counters.

There were no windows open to the outside that could create a breeze.  I walked into the bar area jumping up and down and moving back and forth while Dave watched in the kitchen.  No explanation was found for the claim of the doors slamming.

Next the team moved to the second floor. The team investigated the rocking chair area in the apartment. Attempting to move around and jump and observe the lighting to recreate shadows, the team was not able to find an explanation for the report of a shadow sitting in the chair or the movement.  The floor was level and there were no ac registers anywhere by the rocker to make it move.  We did a short EVP session and did get an interesting EVP sounding like  “help me I’m hot”

After a 3 hour investigation, the team packed up the equipment. No video evidence was discovered. There were however two interesting EVP’s recorded as mentioned above but even they were nothing to hang your hat on.

When I reported back to the client she seemed a little upset that we really didn’t find much.  We didn’t have an explanation for the rocker or whatever sounds of door slamming.  But we did  find high EMF readings in the back room which can cause people to feel uncomfortable. There was lots of light play from outside which was causing shadows

I explained that she is there for hours each day and activity happens when it happens.  We were here for about 5 hours total and the opportunity just didn’t present itself.  I told her to keep a written log of what the activity is, the date and time that it happens and we’ll come back for another visit and try again.

Class C EVP

sounds like help me I’m  hot

Class C EVP

after asking how many spirits
we get a reply 4