case 0213A

Private Residence Mesa AZ Case # 0213A

Report written by Vinnie

This was our first  home investigation together as AZPIRS here in Arizona. We always enjoyed going and helping someone out back east. We met the owner around 10 pm. They showed us around the home and told us what was going on. Most of what the owner felt was a presence, like being watched, especially in the living room and bedroom. They also had trouble sleeping and felt like there was always someone in the bedroom.

We then proceeded to set up our equipment in the hopes to capture some evidence, if at all there was a haunting. We split up into teams and set out to capture some evidence..  Pam and I headed out to the living room while Craig and Dave went upstairs.

First thing that Pam and I noticed in the living was the ceiling was low, I mean really low and not your normal Arizona ceiling even in this old house. Just that alone made us feel closed in and very uncomfortable. The other thing we noticed was it was dark in the living room and not just the night time dark.  

There was only one window in the back corner of the living room and barely any light coming in from outside at all due to the position of the window as it faced the wall outside.  The entrance of the living room opened to a hall by the front door which had no windows at all.  We couldn’t see anything except for what our flashlights lit.

Craig and Dave didn’t find anything unusual upstairs. I figured we flip locations and we’d go upstairs and have them check the living room.  I went upstairs with Pam and we did an EVP session and after evidence review did not capture anything. I then went into the master bedroom. First thing that happened to me when I got into that room was aI felt a little uncomfortable.  Pam also got the same feeling. I did an EMF sweep.

All around the bed maxed out my EMF detector at 199.9. I found that the heater they had by the bed was giving off 150 +. The 199.9 was contributed by the powerlines that entered the home as the electrical panel was on the outside right by their heads where they sleeped. This would definitely give the feeling of being watched.  I talked to Craig and Dave about what happened upstairs and they didn’t feel that but did  felt uneasy up in the bedroom. We finished the night doing an EVP session together in the living room and again resulted in nothing during final analysis.

I told the homeowner what we had found and they were happy. They are going to get a new space heater and move the bed to a different wall.  Now they should feel more comfortable in the home.  I followed up with a phone call and they did move the bed to the opposite wall, got a new heater and felt better in the bedroom.  They had a contractor come in to look into adding a window in the living room and they found out that room was originally a garage.  So that’s why the ceiling was so low and whoever did those earlier renovations decided against the cost of adding a window.

No evidence of any kind of paranormal activity