Are We Haunted

Are We Haunted?

If you answer yes to at least five of the following questions you should contact us for a free consultation.  

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1-Do pets seem to be afraid to enter certain areas of the house?

2-Have you heard your name called when nobody is home?

3-Do you hear noises such as scratching or knocking?

4-Do you feel like you are being watched?

5-Have you seen doors open and close by themselves?

6-Do children have an abnormal amount of conversations with imaginary friends?

7-Do photos taken in the home show odd forms, lights, mists or shapes?

8-Do you at times catch movement from your peripheral vision?

9-Have there been any deaths that you know of in the home or on the property?

10-Has anyone ever used a ouija board or practiced black magic in the home?

11-Do you experience unusual cold spots in areas of the home?

12-Have you noticed negative personality changes in family members without warning?

13-Have you heard footsteps in the house when nobody is home?

14-Does electronic equipment turn on and off by themselves?

15-Do items disappear only to appear later in a different area?

16-Have you recently done or are in the middle of renovations of any kind?

17-Have you purchased any antiques recently or brought older items to your home?  

18-Did you find something of unknown origin either in the basement, attic or buried in the yard?

19-Do you find items that you placed down moments later either moved or disappear?

20- Has anything terrible like an auto accident or fire where a life was lost recently happen close by?