Ghost Tours

The founders of Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS) are originally from NJ where they investigated many historic locations some being over 300 years old.  And they have seen some of those wonderful buildings torn down to make way for parking lots.  Once that piece of history is gone it can never be replaced.

Here in Arizona the history is newer and people here have the wisdom to preserve it.  AZPIRS donates our time, equipment and resources to help many locations with funds they desperately need.  100% of the proceeds from events are given to the locations we help.

MC Gila Jail

The Old Gila County Jail In Globe Arizona

Learn about the history and  paranormal activity at this wonderful location.  Then go on an actual investigation with seasoned paranormal investigators in search of those who still reside at the jail.

Orpheum Ghost Tours

 Orpheum Ghost Tours

Friends of the Orphem Theater and  Phoenix Ghost Tours are offereing a two-hour flashlight tour of the historic Orpheum Theater.  AZPIRS will be on hand utilizing the latest in Paranormal Investigation equipment.  Experience what it takes to do an investigation and learn about the Ghosts of the Orpheum.

MC Acadia Ranch

 Acadia Ranch Museum in Oracle AZ

There is an incredible amount of history at the ranch but there is even more paranormal activity.  Evening starts with a  quick tour followed by an in depth paranormal investigation using the latest equipment