Stanton Ghost Town

Stanton Ghost Town Arizona

We were invited, along with John Albrecht of Paranormal Playground, by James from AZ Paranormal Cowboys to do a joint investigation at the Stanton Ghost Town .

Pam, John and I were to investigate the old opera house which is now used as a council meeting room.  You enter through  heavy two inch thick double wooden doors and the room was roughly 20 x 40 feet.  Towards the back there was a doorway that led to the old saloon.

I checked out the saloon which had various artifacts on the wall including an old double barrel shotgun which I took off the wall and laid on the bar.  I went back to the main room and took out a digital recorder.  Then I thought to use the shotgun as a trigger object so I grabbed a REM DD which is similar to a REM Pod and an alligator clip lead.

The REM DD can double as a trigger object monitor so I attached the alligator clips to the REM DD’s antenna and to the trigger of the shotgun.  I tested it and  I was about two inches from the gun the REM DD sounded.  Forgetting to bring the digital recorder I went to the front room to get it.

As soon as I get to the table where I left my recorder you hear the REM unit tone followed by a few short tones,  It was like someone touched the shotgun, pulled away and being amused by it touched it and moved away quickly a few times.  As soon as I got back to the saloon the activity stopped.  I set up my recorder and went back to the main room.

Pam was setting up DVR cameras and John was doing a video sweep of the room. I turned on the Ovilus to let it acclimate to the room and made some sensitivity adjustments.  John , who was wearing his team’s shirt Paranormal Playground, laid his camcorder down and was going to set up a doll trigger object.  The Ovilus says “Ghosts” which grabs everyone’s attention.  Here is what transpired

This was perhaps the best Ovilus session we had.  The way it works is the combination of environmental conditions is given a value and each value is assigned to one word from a 2048 word database. You need to realize this has to be learned by a spirit to manipulate the environment to convey a message or an answer to a question.  It is not a random generator.

Me giving you a book on how to speak Chinese will not make you speak Chinese immediately.  You need to learn before you can attempt a response.   Sure a word or two that corresponded to the dialog is considered a coincidence.  There was way too much to just be coincidence.  Plus those doors moving to validate our efforts that something was there.

When we moved to the bar area later that evening we tried a second Ovilus session.  John and were finishing setting up the cameras in the bar while Pam was playing with a laser and pointed it at the top of the bar.  I asked if it could tell me what color her light was and the Ovilus responded “Red”.

If you remember from first video John was wearing his team’s shirt Paranormal Playground and the Ovilus said paranormal.   We made a direct reference to his shirt assuming it was read.

In this next video we are In the bar I asked “Do you know what kind of investigator’s we are” and there was silence. Then Pam gives a hint’ Remember it was on John’s shirt”  And we get the correct response.

We had two cameras in the bar and one outside watching the street.  James from AZ Paranormal Cowboys was investigating the other side of the street. During this footage he headed back to get some gear from his car.  We heard someone walking outside but didn’t know who it was.  The Ovilus told us who was outside.

Looking at the entire night and all the dialog that happened it is not just coincidence.  Plus the movement of those doors and the earlier REM activity. Quick recap.

John grabs a chair and it says “Sit”.  
It says John’s name.
Reads John’s shirt and says “paranormal”.  
Says my name Vinnie which is not even in the Ovilus database.  
Asking if it would like to try a different device and we get a response “Sure, alright”
In the bar asking what color the laser was and getting the correct answer “red”
Asked what kind of investigators we are and Pam hinting it was on John’s shirt and the Ovilus replies “paranormal”
John comments he hears someone walking outside and the Ovilus tells us it is “James”