Old Gila County Courthouse & Jail

Old Gila County Courthouse & Jail Globe AZ

AZPIRS investigated, with our friends  Paranormal Playground, the Old Gila jail and courthouse in Globe AZ.  Reports of high EM readings and spikes from other teams that investigated. During our initial sweep we found an electical trunk that ran along the building by the bridge that connects the jail and the courthouse.  That along with electrical conduit throughout the building we felt our meters will give false positives.

We wanted to concentrate on some of the cells and trustee area.  We used six  Sony  DCR-SR45 camcorders that are modified to full spectrum.  The built-in zoom microphone focuses audio recording and delivers clear dialogue and crisp, discrete sound.  In the past we have caught more with the camcorders than digital recorders.  We set up DVR cameras to monitor hallways and the 3rd floor storage room.

We didn’t catch anything visual but did get some interesting EVPs from our Sony camcorders.  Many came from cell 2 on the second floor.  Headphones are suggested.


Cell 2 “Hey You”

Cell 2 “What…Daddy”

Woman’s cell. We hear something like boo followed by a woman voice “eek”.

Cell 2 “Hey Jason”  There were nobody named Jason with the team

Cell 2.  Just set up the camera and you hear my name whispered “Vinnie”