Bordello Goldfield Ghost Town AZ

Bordello Goldfield Ghost Town Apache Junction AZ

Early 2015 Ghost Adventures (GAC) investigated  at Goldfield Ghost Town.    Anytime something in our backyard is investigated we always try to do a follow up.  Shortly after GAC another AZ team Crossing Over Paranormal Society (COPS) did a 2nd investigation.  I reached out to COPS for information on what they captured and they shared their findings.

Dawn with with Sirius Spirits contacted me to do a joint investigation at Goldfield.  We headed out there to meet the owner and take a look  around.  I love history and this would be my first visit to Goldfield so I was excited.

Turns out the site was never a town but is actually made up of old buildings brought in from different parts of the country and reassembled. There was lots of work and love on the part of the owners as they wanted to recreate the old west for visitors to enjoy.  They did a fantastic job.

While the part of me that loves history was a bit disappointed the investigator was eager to investigate based on the evidence and accounts from both GAC and COPS.  Dawn and I decided to concentrate on the bordello and the grave-site of the unknown miner.

We interviewed a few employees including Bethany who was a tour guide at Lulu’s Bordello.  Bethany gave us her accounts of seeing a cowboy sitting in the chair in the front parlor.  She was also scratched and she heard footsteps and other sounds.  Many employees feel the spirit of a coworker named Karen who passed a few years back to be present who loved the place.

It was about 8:30 pm and we started setting up for the night’s investigation.  We brought all our equipment up the spiral staircase. You can hear the music from the bar across the street as it was still early.  The bar closes around 10pm so we would have the place to ourselves.  Brittany was going to be onsite if we needed something.

Upon arrival we deployed a REM Pod on the chair where the apparition was seen before we started setting anything else up.  Almost immediately the REM pod started reacting to something.

Dawn set up her SLS Xcam (Structured Light Sensor camera) and recorded the following footage. The SLS camera mapped something that seemed to be next to the chair bending over and touching the REM pod. You can hear the REM pod responding to it.  That is me on the far left in the shot as I was setting up a camera in the background

We set up cameras in the front room, the first bedroom and in the main bedroom where much of the activity such as the footsteps  and other sounds were heard.  This is also where Bethany said she was scratched as well as Marie from COPS reported.

We did a few EVP sessions with various personnel and didn’t catch anything.  Each of the girls took turns alone in the bedroom, We were hoping to see if there would be physical contact made since it seems something there does not like females.

We were in the front room talking when we capture what sounds like singing on a recorder in the bedroom

After a few hours we decided to take a short break so we headed back down the spiral staircase.  We were hanging out and I hear something that sounded like footsteps on the porch above us.  Pam grabs the FLIR and takes a few shots,

Goldfield arrowThe arrow on the left is pointing to what seems to be someone standing there wearing a cowboy hat.

The arrow on the right show what appears to be a figure.  You can see the shape of a head, arm and torso.

While probably pareidolia as our imaginations may have gotten the best of us we felt we’d share it and let you decide.


We decided to head down to the area where the unknown miner is buried.  We left all our cameras and recorders running.

We captured a couple of things on audio in the main bedroom.  Again nobody was in the building

Footsteps in the bedroom

Sounds like the name “Bishop”


During that same time we had a full spectrum camcorder recording in the front room.  This is edited with 3 clips from that 40 minute video which recorded various, bangs and knocks. You can hear the floorboards creak as if someone was shifting their weight and footsteps. It was about 1:00 am and there was nobody around and we were way in front by the grave.