Abandoned Hospital

Abandoned Hospital  Southern AZ

AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society along with Afterlife Research Team investigated this 95 year old 30000 square foot abandoned hospital.  There is so much agony and death associated with hospitals they are usually quite active.

It was a windy day and you can hear it howling through every crack in the place.  It almost seemed alive and felt like we were being watched.  Once the last piece of gear was loaded in we started our walk through with the owner and everything stopped.  There were no banging sounds, wind howling or windows rattling and you can hear a pin drop.  It was so eerie.  The only sound you can hear was the paint chips which were everywhere crackling under our feet as we walked.

There were two floors and mostly the bottom floor was patient rooms, nurses station, pediatrics, a lab, kitchen and dining rooms, some offices as well as the main reception area.  Upstairs were additional patient rooms, the birthing rooms, operating room and X-ray department.  We decided to set up the base upstairs.  There was only one working outlet upstairs but the front half of downstairs, which was an addition put on in the 60’s, had some lights and power.

We placed DVR cameras in both birthing rooms,  operating room, X-ray room and ran one downstairs to the pediatrics room.  Downstairs we placed camcorders at the tee of the hall by the nurses station, kitchen and lab


We caught this EVP from the camcorder by the nurses station

This EVP was captured in the kitchen area

Pam and I were investigating the nurses dining room which was an empty room.  While conducting an EVP session I was poked in my right buttock.  The only entrance led to a short corridor with counters and cabinets above which opened to the kitchen.

The counters were filthy covered with a heavy layer of dust.  With my finger I drew a Hospital square tight highlightsquare box in the dust.  I turned towards the nurse’s dining room.  I announced “if there is anyone here come make a mark inside the box I drew in the dust on the counter.  Before we leave I will come back here and say good bye to you.”

Upon my return there were three marks in my square as if made by a child’s fingers. Earlier that night a medium named Lynn who was investigating with us made contact with a little girl.  During an interview with the caretaker who lives on site he mentioned hearing a little girl giggle.

In the pediatrics room Dawn and Lynn set up a bear trigger object that would talk and light up when it senses something.  They left pediatrics and were heading upstairs when the heard the bear.  They raced back to pediatrics.

Lynn felt the presence of a child.  Dawn took out a Digital Dowsing SEM (simple energy meter) and said “If you like that bear and would like to see more toys come by this little box and make the lights light up.  It won’t hurt you.”  The SEM lights up.

They come up to the second floor and are walking towards base where Pam and I are taking a break with Beth who was on monitors.  Lynn asks if you are still with us please light up the pretty lights and again the SEM lights up.

As they walk past us Lynn says “These are my friends would you like to say hello?” Right then Beth’s K-ll pegs all 5 lights and my Mel Meter registers a 6.2 mG.  They head to the birthing room where they have more toy trigger objects.

After a few minutes they come out and Lynn states the spirit wants to go back downstairs and play with the bear.  They just pass us and Beth says “Good by little girl.”  Again Beth’s K-ll pegs all five lights but my Mel meter registers nothing.  Well I didn’t say good by like Beth did.

One of the main areas of focus was the operating room.  During the night various teams rotated in doing EVP and Ovilus sessions with no luck.  We did an audio trigger session as we played various recordings of what you would hear in a hospital.  Code blue room 312, paging Dr Ross, security to the emergency room etc.  We had the siren of an incoming ambulance and reenacting a scene of an emergency and getting the operating room ready in the hopes of getting a intelligent response or even a residual one but nothing captured.

However towards the end of the night on the last bit of footage we capture these whispers in the operating room.

The hospital was an incredible investigation.  Every member of the team saw shadows or movement.  many were touched or had an interaction of sorts.  Walk by a patient room then hearing the crunch of paint chips and when you rush in there is nothing.  Voices in the distance.  Sounds of doors closing.