Many individual members of Arizona Paaranormal Investigations & Research Society AZPIRS have been investigating for quite some time on their own and with other affiliations.  After moving to Arizona wee have officially formed AZPIRS in late 2012 and we have recently put together this website in June 2013.  

The purpose of this page is to share our findings from our investigations.   We never kept any evidence from the years of investigations in New Jersey .

The AZPIRS will attempt to have 8 to 12 investigations annually and we will document our findings.  Our first investigation as AZPIRS  was the Copper Queen  Hotel in Bisbee AZ.

Most locations below are commercial and historical venues that are open to the public.  Any private residence and some commercial locations have been kept confidential.


Please click on the following links to view findings from our past investigations

Stanton Ghost Town  AZ

Old Gila County Courthouse & Jail Globe AZ

Abandoned Hospital: Southern AZ

Bordello Goldfield Ghost Town Apache Junction AZ

Gadsden Hotel Douglas, AZ

Copper Queen Hotel  Bisbee AZ 

Private Residence case # 0213A Mesa AZ  

Private Business case # 0413A Phoenix AZ 

Jerome Grand Hotel  Jerome AZ  

Landmark Restaurant

Private business case # 1031A Globe AZ