AZ paranormal Investigation & Research Society is authorized resellers of K2 meters, Phantom Lites and DAS/Pro Measurement products like the Mel Meter and REM Pod and Digital Dowsing products like the Ovilus lll.   These products are used by real paranormal investigators like us at AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society. AZPIRS are investigators selling to investigators

 Here is what is included 

v     5 Mw Laser produces a grid that sends out a patter of dots which helps detect movement and perfect to use with shadow detectors. 

 You will also receive with this auction a discount coupon for 10% off paranormal gear from our online store


We sell Mel Meters * REM Pod * SB7 Spirit Box * K ll Meter (K2 Meter) * Ovilus 3 * Digital Recorder for EVP * Infrared Illuminatiors * Full Spectrum Cameras

AZPIRS is authorized resellers for Apparition Technologies, Phantom Lites, K2 meters, Digital Dowsing and DAS/Pro-Measurement products

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Auction is for one (1) 5mw laser and free 10% discount coupon