IR Shadow Detector

*Detecting range off a IR range is 5-10 meters depending on the IR booster used. *Off a red laser pointer/grid 30-300 meters depending on the strength of the laser. *Sound can be turned on or off. *Tri-pod mountable. *Runs of … Continue reading

IR Flood

These IR Flood Illuminators put out 11.25 watts of IR illumination and from the video below you can see that it covers the whole screen evenly. Apparition Technologies  uses 15 of their V2 LED’s which are 750mw each, so don’t get … Continue reading

IR Strobe/ IR Illuminator

This IR Strobe Illuminator has an adjustable pulse rate, and has 5 triple chip high output IR 850nm 10mm LED’s. This is a IR Strobe that has a switch and can be used as a normal illuminator too. The strobe … Continue reading

Pro IR Illuminator

  * 8x Ultra Bright 750mw 10mm IR LED’s. 6 watts of IR Illumination! * Enclosed Battery Case (Don’t have to pull the light apart to change batteries). * Mounts to almost any Tri-pod via a 1/4 UNC thread. * … Continue reading

Infrared Pro Illuminator

The Phantom Lite Infrared Pro has the same high powered LEDs as the Infrared Illuminator but adds a stylish all black lid with a Red diffuser window Plus Phantom Lites Custom diffuser panel installed for a brighter , wider, and … Continue reading