REM Disturbance Device

The REM-DD emits an electromagnetic field around its antenna and displays any field disturbances on its 4 different coloured LED’s as well as audible tones. The sensitivity can be adjusted by the height of the antenna before turning on the … Continue reading

Spirit Communicator

This device is the brain child of both Robb Demarest from Ghost Hunter International and Apparition Technologies. This is a mini version of what’s to come.  The device has two REM fields, (for both “Yes” and “No”) and if anything … Continue reading

Pro Vibration Detector with Sound

These are good to sit in front of a static cam (when no one is in the room to cause vibrations) when ‘ghost hunting’/investigating.   Ideal to pick up vibrations, ie; footsteps. They can also be used in EVP sessions as … Continue reading

IR Shadow Detector

*Detecting range off a IR range is 5-10 meters depending on the IR booster used. *Off a red laser pointer/grid 30-300 meters depending on the strength of the laser. *Sound can be turned on or off. *Tri-pod mountable. *Runs of … Continue reading

EM-Stat Pod

The EM-Stat Pod device will detect Electromagnetic and static field that passes by it’s antenna. The EM-Stat Pod reacts from as far away as 3 feet from the antenna. Once triggered the device will alarm a buzzer and an led … Continue reading

Trigger Object Monitor

. This device works by clipping the wire onto a metal trigger object and when a static or EM field moves to the item the T.O.M will alarm and light up the LEDs If you want to use a non … Continue reading

EM Vortex

This uses the second generation of our EM Pumps coils that have been sold to places all around the world and are proven to be reliable and strong. These are not spinning magnet type EM Pumps and uses an adjustable … Continue reading

EM Pump Ultimate V2

This EM Pump is the only one on the market with these new features. watch video below Battery monitoring and notification when they get low Our Unique EM Randomiser Mode Selectable functions on this EM pump allow you to use the … Continue reading


This piece of equipment has multiple uses, it combines a musical tesla coil, FM radio band and an EM Pump all in one unit. First it can be an EM pump by itself. Second it can transform music to EM. … Continue reading

EM Pump V2.3

These now have had a redesigned Coil that puts out between 13,000mG to 14,000mG. This is the second generation of  Apparition Technologies  EM Pump that have been sold to places all around the world and are proven to be reliable and … Continue reading