REM Disturbance Device

The REM-DD emits an electromagnetic field around its antenna and displays any field disturbances on its 4 different coloured LED’s as well as audible tones. The sensitivity can be adjusted by the height of the antenna before turning on the … Continue reading

Spirit Communicator

This device is the brain child of both Robb Demarest from Ghost Hunter International and Apparition Technologies. This is a mini version of what’s to come.  The device has two REM fields, (for both “Yes” and “No”) and if anything … Continue reading

Pro Vibration Detector with Sound

These are good to sit in front of a static cam (when no one is in the room to cause vibrations) when ‘ghost hunting’/investigating.   Ideal to pick up vibrations, ie; footsteps. They can also be used in EVP sessions as … Continue reading

IR Shadow Detector

*Detecting range off a IR range is 5-10 meters depending on the IR booster used. *Off a red laser pointer/grid 30-300 meters depending on the strength of the laser. *Sound can be turned on or off. *Tri-pod mountable. *Runs of … Continue reading

EM-Stat Pod

The EM-Stat Pod device will detect Electromagnetic and static field that passes by it’s antenna. The EM-Stat Pod reacts from as far away as 3 feet from the antenna. Once triggered the device will alarm a buzzer and an led … Continue reading

Electronic Voice Listener

Description :  This device picks up voices/sounds in it’s vicinity. The LED will be set off, whenever voice/sound is picked up. This is quite a useful tool when conducting EVP sessions as it will enable you to see when you may have … Continue reading

Trigger Object Monitor

. This device works by clipping the wire onto a metal trigger object and when a static or EM field moves to the item the T.O.M will alarm and light up the LEDs If you want to use a non … Continue reading

Temp Alarm Pods

These are really easy to use and great for picking up cold/hot spots. Simply leave in the location you want to use it in for about five minutes to allow the sensor to adjust to the room temperature.  After the … Continue reading

Power Depletion Indicator

What it does, is monitors it’s own battery and if there is a sudden drain on the battery, an alarm will sound, an the LED will light up. A slow drain on the battery does not set off the unit … Continue reading

Raudive Diode Receiver

Konstantin Raudive was, among other things, an EVP researcher in the 1960’s and 70’s, who devised a method of improving the quality of his EVP recordings. Through experimentation he found that using a Germanium Diode plugged into a recorder instead … Continue reading