Trigger Object Monitor

.Trigger Object Monitor b

This device works by clipping the wire onto a metal trigger object and when a static or EM field moves to the item the T.O.M will alarm and light up the LEDs

If you want to use a non metal object just simply place it on a metal tray, or some other metal surface.

The T.O.M has 3 modes with it’s alarm:

1. If the energy field just moves past the object, the buzzer will just sound for how long it was there for.

2. If the energy stays at the object, the buzzer will stay on with a pulse and disarm once the energy moves.

3. If the energy in the air raises above the level it was when the unit was first turned on, the alarm will trigger and stay on. You can easily reset this just by touching the trigger object or by turning it on and off.

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