Temp-Pod / Hot & Cold Spot Audible Detection with Red & Blue Trend LED

Temp-Pod detects Ambient Hot and Cold spots using a precision thermistor temperature sensor. When the device is turned ON, it automatically baselines to the existing ambient temperature in the room or environment. Careful attention should be made to ensure that the temperature sensor regulates to the room temperature for a few minutes first before turning the Temp-pod ON.

When a temperature change occurs, a discreet tone will be heard for each degree change. A momentary Red (Hot)& Blue (Cold) LED will indicate trend of temperature change. If the temperature increases by 1 degree and remains steady for more than 10 seconds, the sound will automatically Mute until the temperature changes +/- by more than 0.1 degree.

Temp-Pod Specifications

  • Easy to View Bright RED & BLUE  Indication
  • Glow in the Dark Surface Allows Easy Visibility (Glows for 24 hrs.)
  • Vertical Light Column: Red = Temp Increase Detection,  BLUE = Temp Decrease Detection
  • 9Vdc Alkaline Battery (Included)
  • Instantaneous Response To Ambient Temperature Changes
  • Ascending Tones = Temperature Increase / Descending Tones = Temperature Decrease
  • Non Slip Rubber Coating can be cleaned easily with alcohol

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