New REM-Pod-SDD With Radiating Antenna and SDD Shadow Detection Combined

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This New Pod device combines the REM and SDD Shadow detection technologies into one easy to use package. The POD gets a major facelift with rubberized non-slip coating, nylon light columns and tripod mounting accessory. Each REM/SDD feature has its own distinctive sound that correlates to the influence received. Separate light columns also help to differentiate which detection feature is being activated. The REM and SDD can be used simultaneously with this device.

The SDD sensor is made of a high-resistance semiconductor. When light is detected on the device, photons absorbed by the semiconductor give bound electrons enough energy to jump into a conduction band. The resulting free electron (and its hole partner) conduct electricity. Longer wavelengths and lower frequencies are sufficient to trigger the device. We have received reports from customers that the sensor can be influenced by Spirit even without using the supplied external illumination light source.

Special order item up to two week delivery time

REM-Pod-SDD Specifications

  • Easy to View Bright RED, GREEN, BLUE & Yellow Indication (REM)
  • Audible Tones Correlating To Field Disturbance
  • Glow in the Dark Surface Allows Easy Visibility (Glows for 24 hrs.)
  • Scratch Resistant Textured Rubber Coating Cleans Easily with Alcohol
  • Threaded Tripod Mounting Accessory (Tripod Not Included)
  • New Nylon Vertical Light Columns Resist Scratching
  • 9Vdc Operation
  • Instantaneous Response To Field Fluctuations & Spikes
  • Mini Telescopic Antenna provides 360 Degree Coverage
  • Response Time: 100msec.


  • Easy to View Center Vertical Light Column – RED (Light Decrease) GREEN (Light Increase)
  • Audible Tones (Ascending / Descending) Correlating To Light Increase or Decrease
  • 9Vdc Operation
  • Instantaneous Response To Light Contrast Fluctuations
  • Includes (1) 75′ Long Range RED Illumination & (1) Short Range Diffused RED Illumination Source

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