Our ParaRig was designed about 6 years ago by one of the founders of AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society which we used ever since.   We carry so many pieces of equipment on investigations it sometimes is very cumbersome.  The ParaRig is the perfect answer. But we have made some improvements since that first prototype which we hope you’ll like.


The ParaRig illustration shows a Mel Meter, 2 Phantom Lite illuminators, camcorder, Zoom H2 recorder and digital camera.

Camcorders, Illuminators, digital recorders, cameras, EMF meters and just about anything  that has a 1/4-20 tripod mount can be attached to the ParaRig either over or under mounted using hot shoe adapters. The ParaRig also has four fixed mounts, three on top and one on the bottom.

Plus you also get two hot shoe adapters to mount more gear  in any location on the ParaRig as there are mounting holes every two inches.  The handles can be moved in closer or further apart for a comfortable position for each user.

Sometimes the perfect placement for the handle may also be a perfect position for a piece of gear.   You can use the same hole for both using the hot shoe disc as per the illustration on the right.

The hot shoe disc slides onto the shoe of the hot shoe adapter which is mounted to the ParaRig.  The hot shoe disc has a 1/4-20 female thread which you can screw the handle into so both the handle and the equipment used above can share the same mounting position.

The ParaRig is made of hardened steel  that is 18 x 3/4 x 3/16 inches with four fixed mounts.  You also get two hot shoe adapters, two hot shoe disc, two handles and a neck strap.  The neck strap bears some of the weight of the ParaRig and also allows you to remove one hand from the ParaRig.

 Additional hot shoe adapters available to purchase

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