Para RIG

The original prototype was designed by Vinnie back in 2009 as an answer to carry multiple pieces of equipment in a workable position.  The original  had 5 fixed positions, one center then one at 4 inches from center and one at 7 inches from center on each side.  We found that each time we tried new equipment some of the positions were too close to each other.

The redesigned Para RIG is 18 inches long and can hold  different items such as a camcorders, still camera, illuminators, EMF meters, flashlights and anything that has a 1/-20 threaded mount.  The Para RIG  using 1/4-20 dual thumbscrew  attachments so you can mount equipment both above and under-mount positions anywhere you like.

The new improved Para RIG allows you to space your equipment across the rig as the mounts are not fixed and there are multiple mounting holes.  Plus you can reposition the handles closer together for each users comfort as some like the handles 12 inches apart and others 16 inches apart.

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