The Mel-8704R-PSA is a very sensitive device that uses a microphone as a detection sensor / transducer. It is designed specifically to detect very subtle sound wave vibrations within the environment. In addition, an audio output with adjustable gain is provided which allows the user to hear sounds at an amplified level. This is perfect for hearing impaired individuals.

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There are 5 individual sensitivity steps that you can use. Each time you press the range button, an LED on top will blink indicating the sensitivity setting selected.

Level 1 = RED is the default (least sensitive)

Level 2 = PURPLE, RED



Level 5 = GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, PURPLE, RED (most sensitive)

The Mel-8704R-PSA has 3 modes of operation in the PSA function. The first mode is the “real time mode” which illuminates ALL of the LED’s in a linear, sequential format from right to left with NO Sound. The Mel-8704R-PSA is monitoring ALL sounds within the environment and the LED displays every sound wave as it occurs. The second mode is what is referred to as the “Simon mode”. With this mode, individual LED lights will come on depending on the sound wave strength.

That is to say, it will jump directly to the color that represents the “peak” sound pressure level received. It will announce the strength level using a specific colored LED & tone, and then return to the zero (or baseline) point. The third mode of operation is similar to the “Simon mode”, but the individual alarm tones are deactivated. In certain environments, the sound from our piezo alarm may “bounce” off of hard surfaces in the environment so this silent mode prevents this from happening.

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