IR Flood

These IR Flood Illuminators put out 11.25 watts of IR illumination and from the video below you can see that it covers the whole screen evenly.

Apparition Technologies  uses 15 of their V2 LED’s which are 750mw each, so don’t get fooled by mass numbers of cheaper, low powered LED’s in illuminators. They can just create an unwanted hot spot effect.

Not only are these more powerful than other flood illuminators on the market, these also now have a high and low power mode.  High power for when you’re using the illuminator outdoors or in large rooms.  Low power for when you’re in small rooms and don’t want/need all that wattage.

  • These run off 4 AA batteries and there are no noisy fans needed to keep them cool.  so you will get a longer life then a 9v

  • Compared to other flood lights these are really small at only 70mm x 105mm.

  • These still small and portable compared to other IR Flood lights on the market. 2.73 x 4.10 inches (70mm x 105mm)

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