New FSX!  New lights are smaller, lighter and brighter than originals!

30 LED Full Spectrum Illuminator

5 Infrared LEDS, 5 Red LEDS, 5 Blue LEDS, 5 Green LEDS, 5 Ultraviolet LEDS. then another 5 Infrared LEDs. Can use on all night vision equipped camera/camcorders. Works great with the SVP Full Spectrum camcorder. 45 ft distance, 9v battery powered, tripod adapter included.

Top Row and bottom row of LEDs are the Infrared ones you will not be able to see them light up. Look at them through your camera/camcorder and they will be lit..

If and when your light only lights up a couple LEDs its time to change the battery and you will be up and running again.

If you want to use your full spectrum camera/camcorder to the fullest you need to light up the whole spectrum of light. That is what the Phantom Full Spectrum illuminator does.

If you use just a Infrared Illuminator with your Full Spectrum camcorder you are only recording the Infrared spectrum,  You need to have the wide range of the light spectrum illuminated.

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