(ES, White Noise EM, EVP Mic)  The Ultimate in EVP session enhancement

A common held Idea in the paranormal field is simple modulation of a magnetic field inducing a signal into system electronics.  There is a good amountl of paranormal activity which is related to EMF so go the basic format and cut out the middle

When we speak our vocal cords vibrate and a recorder’s speaker captures that vibration and transfers it into an electric impulse that is sampled and recorded.  When played back the sound travels and our eardrums vibrate and we “hear”.  Since EVPs are electromagnetic in nature why not explore that.

By plugging into your audio source, the ES will reproduce the sound output from your audio source as a magnetic field.  Now you can play trigger music, white noise and more,  without bleed through into your recorded audio!   Use the EVP Mic in place of a standard microphone for EVP recordings; it will not capture audio, only electro-magnetic frequencies.


ES How does the ES work?The 1/8 inch “3.5mm” stereo jack is designed to plug in to the speaker output of most standard electronics. Simply plug the ES in to your audio source.The ES will reproduce the sound output from your audio source as a magnetic field. Using the EVP Mic, you can listen to the magnetic output of the ES.Now you can play trigger music, white noise and more without bleed through into your recorded audio.
You can also test the ES by placing an EMF meter close to the ES.  We recommend that you keep recording devices at least 1ft away from the ES.  Some audio recorders can pick up the magnetic field when close to the device.
EVP mic  High impedance inductive microphone designed to capture EMF.•Use in place of standard microphone for EVP recording
• No batteries required
• Simply plug into recording device
• 1/8” microphone jack
• EVP Mic will not capture audio, only electro-magnetic frequencies.
cat White Noise 3  What does the White-Noise EM do?White-Noise EM creates a multi-tone, complex white noise that sweeps. You won’t hear the white noise; it’s created as an EM field.In a very dark room, you will see a faint red glow coming from the ovals in the face plate. These may not be visible in normal daylight or in lighted rooms.

Try these EVP Experiments with the ES!!

  • The beacon experiment: Play a message repeatedly through the ES.
  • White noise: Send white noise to the ES and conduct your EVP session without interference.
  • Trigger music or sound: Play period specific music or sounds through the

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