The EM Pump creates a low level magnetic field, and used as a beacon or trigger device. It
starts out producing .2Hz pulse and increases to 256 Hz pulse.
(Please note the EM Pump is sold without any expectation.  See disclaimer below)

How the EM Pump Works and What It Does

When turned on, the EM Pump indictor light will turn on and flash slightly.  The EM Pump starts out by producing .2Hz ** pulse and increases to 256 Hz ** pulse. You will notice that the LED becomes brighter as the pulse frequency increases.

The EM Pump creates a low level magnetic field, a magnetic white noise if you will. Since the frequency and duration changes, it is thought of as a beacon or trigger device.  Also it can be used as a sacrificial battery source. The GAC guys found this happens on film!

Where to Use It

Set the device in an area where you are trying to capture EVP or photographic evidence. Simply set the device down, turn it on and let it run. Bring an EMF meter close to the device; you will see the field change.

Don’t set the EMF meter directly on the EM Pump!! The field strength that close could damage your EMF meter.  EMF emission at 4” inches from the device is very low. For safety sake, set the unit down, turn it on and stand 12” inches or more away or more.

EM Pump Disclaimer

1. The EM PUMP is sold without any expectation. It is to be considered experimental.

2. The EM PUMP is sold as an experimental device only. We make no claim to the validity of the data received by these devices.

3. We make no claim as to Spirit communications, Aliens, Ghosts or any other type of phenomena.

4. You agree not to expose children to this device, or any person who may be harmed or damaged by exposure to this device. Further, you must be over 18 and in sound mental condition.

5. As the owner of this device you are responsible for the devices use. Further, you are responsible for the safety of others who may come in contact with this device.

6. This device should not be used by children under the age of 18. Further, this device should not be used by anyone with a history of mental illness.

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