EM Pump Ultimate V2

This EM Pump is the only one on the market with these new features.

watch video below

  • Battery monitoring and notification when they get low
  • Our Unique EM Randomiser Mode
  • Selectable functions on this EM pump allow you to use the item in your favorite mode.
    • Low Field Strength Mode
    • Medium Field Strength Mode
    • High Field Strength Mode
    • EM Pulser
    • EM Randomiser

  • Built in battery compartment
  • Power LED
  • 14,000mG Field Strength
  • Large hand wound field coil
  • Multicoloured LED

The unique battery monitoring system in this EM pump works by keeping check on the condition of the batteries, so once they have dropped below the optimum voltage level, the power LED will flash and field strength will drop in order to try and keep the EM Pump running until you change batteries.

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