Electronic Voice Listener

Description  This device picks up voices/sounds in it’s vicinity. The LED will be set off, whenever voice/sound is picked up. This is quite a useful tool when conducting EVP sessions as it will enable you to see when you may have picked up an EVP.

How to Use  This will allow the user to set a baseline reading of the room’s noise level by using the knob on top of the device. Once the base reading has been set, this should enable you to see when any voices/sounds are picked up by it. Turn on the device and turn the knob on the device until the LED is no longer on, unless there are noises in the vicinity (Eg; People talking in the same room).

Powered by a 9V battery located in a battery compartment at the back of the device.

Best suited for  EVP sessions, locations where unexplained noises are heard.

Tips  Ensure you set a baseline reading whenever moving the device to a different location.

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