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We are not “ghost hunters”.  They can be found on TV and not with AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society.  We are not trying to increase our TV ratings.  We are not trying to get paid to do lectures or conventions.  We don’t have producers and sponsors paying for our trips, salary and our hotel rooms.  We don’t have investors of the production company looking for a return on their investment.

We don’t have a walkie talkie in our pocket and key it on to spike lights on a K2 meter when we ask a yes or no question and then turn to the other investigator in amazement and say  “did you see that?”.  We don’t hide magnets in objects to get a high EMF rating.

We don’t have the TV production crew throw rocks into areas or slam doors out of the camera’s view to create suspense.  We don’t have spooky sound effects and neat camera tricks.  We don’t squeal to another investegator “Something just touched me.”  Reality TV is well…is not real.

Think about it.  Every time they visit a location there are so many personal experiences and rarely any substantial evidence. “Did you hear that” asks one investigator.  “Yeah I did” replies the other. However the production audio never picked up on it .  The camcorder the investigator had in his hand didn’t pick it up. Neither did the digital recorders they both carry.  Only “they” heard it.  I worked in the theatrical field for over 20 years so professionally…I don’t think so.

Think about what would happen, well if things didn’t happen?  Week after week, show after show they never find anything and nobody gets touched or hear anything.  No excitement or drama and eventually that show is cancelled.

We are here to find answers and we find facts not fiction.  We don’t manufacture facts for someone’s entertainment or for a monetary gain.






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The Ovilus M was a demo unit at a para conference and only turned on for demonstration purposes

Demo Ovilus M ($149.00) 

All prices include shipping

Remember This is a first come basis. We will invoice your selection to you. In fairness you will be required to pay within 48 hours from the date the invoice is sent. If payment is not received we will cancel the invoice and provide a chance for the next person

Email address
contact phone #

Shipping Address
Street Address
city state zip

This is a special pre-order price for the MEL 8704R-PSA and REM-Pod-EMT

REM-Pod-EMT for only $215 MEL 8704R-PSA for only $208 

Prices includes shipping

We are offering a special pre-order price for the new MEL 8704R-PSA and REM-Pod-EMT. These items will take up to two weeks for us to get in and out to you. All pre-orders need to be placed by 02/17/2014. Any order not received by 02/18/2014 will not receive the pre-order rate and you can order at the regular rate from our website.

Once we receive your order we will invoice you the special intro price. Since these not stock items and we are ordering our initial inventory for these items we need payment to order your items. Any payment not received by 02/17/2014 will forfeit the special rate and we will cancel your order.

The Pre Order special orders and our stocking order will be placed with D.A.S.on 02/18/2014 and expected date to receive them will be 02/25/2014. We will ship your order and send you an email to let you know your meter shipped

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