Vinnie A – Founder Investigator

He and his wife Pam started AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society to further explore the unknown.

His first paranormal experience was as a child over 55 years ago and still looks for the answer to his question.  Why? 

Been researching and investigating the paranormal for over four decades.  I always investigate with total respect and integrity.

Pam A –  Co-founder- Investigator

Pam is sensitive  to many things and all her life has experienced her fair share of encounters and apparitions.  Knowing the effect it had on her. 

Pam looks to help others with their encounters. She shares a story and gives people the opportunity to express what they experienced with an open mind.

Pam is a Reiki 3 Master Practitioners Level or Third Degree Reiki (Shinpiden) and share attunements to initiate others on a path of self-healing.


Kendra B- investigator

Rebecca W – investigator
Marlene B- investigator
Kendra has been independently investigating the paranormal for over 10 years.  Rebecca has been an investigator for over 25 years.  Becca is the founder of Shadow Form Investigations.  Marlene (Mars)  has been investigating since 2009 and is her  passion.  
Keith D – Investigator
co-founder of S.U.D.S.

Joey  S – Investigator
“Papa Joey”
co-founder of S.U.D.S.

Lyndsey C – Investigator
co-founder of S.U.D.S.
Leland L – Investigator
co-founder of Paranormal Scout Investigators (P.S.I.)

Danielle E -Investigator
co-founder of Paranormal Scout Investigators (P.S.I.)