Our Research

electric guitar pick up  and output of a guitar effects pedal via a lead, but some newer units have USB ports built in for easy connection to record on our computer.


Raudive Diode Receiver Konstantin Raudive devised his own method of improving the quality of his EVP recordings.  He discovered using a Germanium Diode plugged into a recorder instead of a microphone helped improve the quality of the voices.

Electronic Voice Listener – EVL
Description : This device picks up voices/sounds in it’s vicinity. The LED will be set off, whenever voice/sound is picked up. This is quite a useful tool when conducting EVP sessions as it will enable you to see when you may have picked up an EVP.


ElectroMagnet Speaker Essentially, the EMS is a speaker that plays sound as a magnetic field, rather than playing it audibly. The reason behind this is that we find a lot of paranormal activity appears to react more with the introduction of EMF into the area, and this device will enable you to play music (eg: Trigger music, white noise, trigger sounds, etc), through an EMF. You will be able to play various songs and sounds, without polluting your EVP sessions, audio or video evidence.

lasers and fog machines