Our Mission

Our mission is multifaceted as it is much more than just paranormal investigations.   Historic preservation and restoration are on the top of the list.    While many people view many of these locations as an eyesore they are irreplaceable.   They are part of the American culture and heritage and it is vital to the community that they are never lost.  AZPIRS has put together fundraising programs to assist historic locations to raise much needed revenue to survive.

AZPIRS strives to find answers for the many people that seek our help.  Give them some kind of clarification or a direction to follow.   Every one of our team have had personal experiences with the paranormal.  We understand because we lived it.

We take our evidence gathering very serious.  Every bit of video, audio, and still photography  is painstakingly reviewed.   If some of these levels of media can be cross referenced, then we have some very compelling evidence.

There are two sides of every fence.  Many investigators believe, after every means at their disposal is exhausted, that if  there is something that can’t be explained it must be paranormal. 
Then the other side is that everything can be explained and they do whatever it takes to debunk what is at hand.  Sometimes you can’t explain or dismiss an occurrence and many times can’t say something is paranormal, just inconclusive.
An investigation can’t be accomplished overnight.  Interviewing, researching, planning, and executing an investigation takes patience, practice, and persistence.  AZPIRS employs a methodical approach that has been developed over a long period of time.

AZPIRS is 100% free and all our investigations are totally confidential.  We are available to help anyone genuinely in need of answers.
Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society carries a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy.