Our team is a balance of both skeptics and believers. While our approach is scientific some of our team are intuitive and combined, we provide a unique perspective. We are not influenced by claims to taint our judgement and maintain objectivity throughout the process. Paranormal is used to define experiences that cannot readily be explained by “the range of normal experience” or scientific explanation. It does not mean a haunting. There are times, after reviewing evidence and data collected, the findings are inconclusive

Our investigation procedures have been developed over many years of investigating. Once a case manager reviews the information submitted by a client they are contacted for a consultation. If deemed required a preliminary meeting is scheduled at the location.

During this meeting the investigation team leader will ask about the activity and inspect the areas the activity is present. They will take baseline readings and draft a general layout. He/she will gather information which may aid in the historical research of the property. Some instances we can provide non paranormal explanations for what is going on and suggest remedies. We first try to disprove a haunting rather than trying to prove a haunting exist.

If the team leader feels the location warrants a full investigation, we will schedule the investigation then. At this time, we will review with the client the Confidentiality Agreement, Permission to Investigate and Client Assumption of Risk Agreement forms. We will explain exactly what a paranormal investigation consists of and what to expect.

Our team of trained investigators will arrive at the location about an hour prior to the investigation. The investigation team leader and the tech manager will do a walk through. They will discuss the activity and decide where and what type of equipment that needs to be set up

The rest of the team is our control group which normally consists of our intuitive.  They are not briefed on any claims of the location, so they are not influenced. They use medium-ship and investigation techniques to discover and corroborate claims and evidence captured.

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society uses the latest equipment and technology available to the Paranormal researcher to help us document and capture every piece of evidence. Every bit of video, audio, and still photography is painstakingly reviewed. If some of these levels of media can be cross referenced, then we have some very compelling evidence. We use this information to either debunk or validate the experience. Many times on an investigation there are personal experiences and the evidence collected sometimes can confirm our client’s claims.

After reviewing all evidence the case manager will contact the client. They will be provided with a copy of our investigation report. We will provide them access to all evidence we have collected.   Then we will discuss the evidence and the client situation and make recommendations for 3rd party assistance or possible follow up investigations.