Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS) explores the various locations that is said to be haunted. We use the latest technology in our quest to communicate with the souls still connected to these locations.

AZPIRS takes information collected such as video, audio and still photography and analyzes all that data to form a conclusion. We use this information to either debunk or validate the experience. Many times on an investigation there are personal experiences and the evidence collected sometimes can confirm that experience but it rarely does.

Unfortunately many a time instead of answers we are left with more questions which fuels our desire. Each investigation gives us an opportunity to learn more.

Throughout the past 40 years we have worked with many other paranormal groups in the NJ area.  In 2008 the founders moved here to Arizona and formed the Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society.  AZPIRS  offers our assistance to those who need it free of charge.  

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society carries a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy. .