Build Your Kit

Build your own paranormal kit.  Choose the items you need and we will email back to you a special discounted package price.  


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Build Your Kit: Choose whatever you need, minimum two pieces and from any product category (check all that apply)

EM Meters

Lutron 822-A EMF Meter  ** K-ll (K2) Black  ** Mel Meter 8704R  ** Mel Meter 8704R-K-ll  ** **Mel Meter 8704R-REM 

ITC Devices

P-SB7-FM Spirit Box  ** P-SB11 Spirit Box 


Apparition Technologies IR Shadow Detector  ** DAS/Pro Measure REM Pod  ** DAS/Pro Measure Vibe Pod 

EVP & EM Pumps

** Digital Dowsing Energy Speaker  ** Apparition Technologies EM Pump HFVM 


48 LED IR Illuminator  ** Phantom Lite Flare IR Illuminator  ** Phantom Lite Full Spectrum Illuminator FSX  ** Phantom Lite Infrared Pro Illuminator 

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We don’t sell cases to protect the gear you buy because Harbor Freight has a great case for about $30.  We will not buy something you can buy yourself, put it in our store and charge you twice as much.  We will never take advantage of you like other stores do.  They are great cases and we have 9 of them.  Here is a link.  They also carry a few others.  Also look at those coupons you get in the mail as Harbor Freight usually has a 20% off